Toilet Repair

Coquitlam Toilet Repair and Installation

Nothing is more inconvenient than a toilet that does not work properly in your Coquitlam home. Whether you need toilet repair service for a clogged or broken flapper valve or want a complete toilet replacement or upgrade, JP Mechanical Services can help with your toilet repair and toilet replacement in Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam, Pitt Meadows and Maple Ridge.

Benefits of New Toilet Installation

If you have been having many plumbing issues with your toilet or have been considering upgrading your toilets, now may be the perfect time. Here are some benefits of new toilet installation.

JP Mechanical Services Inc offers expert plumbers to help you with all your toilet needs. From removing a blockage from a clogged toilet to installing a more modern and efficient toilet for your bathroom, we can do it all and assure your complete satisfaction.

Residential Toilet Replacement in Coquitlam

Although toilets are built to last many years, they require maintenance and repairs and will eventually need replacement. Whether you are having recurring problems with your toilet or are just looking to upgrade to a newer model, our plumbers in Coquitlam are your toilet replacement experts.

Here are some signs that replacing the toilet in your home may be time.

When to Call a Licensed Plumber for Your Toilet Problems

While you can certainly unclog a toilet occasionally, there are some instances when you need to call a professional plumber for help. Here are some indications that you may need to contact the experts at JP Mechanical Services for assistance.

Clogged Toilets

Often the result of an obstruction like tissue or another foreign object that shouldn't be there, clogged toilets are one of the biggest problems we see. While using a plunger may temporarily fix the problem, toilets that continue to get clogged regularly may need to be inspected by a professional plumber for repair or even replacement. Here are some other common reasons for clogged toilets.

  • Reasons for Clogged Toilets: 
    • Blocked Trap – The curved piece of plumbing behind your toilet is the trap. Due to its unique shape, it can easily become clogged with debris, which means that your toilet won't flush.
    • Sewer Line Problems – Sometimes, the reason for the clog isn't even in the toilet but in the sewer line instead. The sewer lines are typically under your house and require a plumbing professional to find a solution. 
    • Mechanical Fail - The toilet in your Coquitlam home has various parts that could be the culprit when your toilet is clogged. From the flush valve to the fill valve, or even the tank lever, a mechanical failure of any of these issues can cause your toilet to clog. 
    • Older Bath Fixtures – It may just be a matter of an aging toilet that is causing your unwanted clogs. These outdated fixtures can get rusted, cause low-pressure problems, and can easily clog, which may lead to eventual water damage from leaks. Replacing an old toilet is a good idea and can be done quickly and efficiently by our Coquitlam plumbers

Leaking Toilets

There are a variety of different signs that your toilet may leak. Here are the most common.

  • Signs of a Leaking Toilet: 
    • Water bills that are much higher than normal 
    • Having to maneuver the handle to make the toilet stop running
    • Odd noises from the toilet when not in use
    • Noticeable leaks at the base of the toilet 
    • Water is over the top of the overflow pipe in the toilet tank 

JP Mechanical can help you with emergency drain repair services when needed. Don’t hesitate to contact us when you have problems with your Coquitlam and Port Coquitlam drains for an immediate solution. Remember that getting a professional drain repair contractor as soon as possible will help you avoid a potentially disastrous and costly drain repair situation.

Residential Toilet Repair in Coquitlam

With proper care and routine maintenance, your Coquitlam home toilets will last for many years. If you need repairs to your toilet, our licensed plumbers are here to handle all of your toilet repairs.

Our local team of plumbers in Coquitlam has seen it all regarding toilet and plumbing problems. Here are some of the toilet plumbing repair issues we resolve for our residential clients weekly:

Common Toilet Repair Problems

We also repair other common toilet problems, such as:

No matter your toilet problem, JP Mechanical Services has a quick, affordable, and convenient solution for residential toilet repair in your area.

Professional Toilet Plumbing Repair in Coquitlam

Whether you are upgrading your bathroom and need a new toilet installation, are considering replacing your old toilet with a more efficient model, or need to have an existing toilet repaired in your home – JP Mechanical Services are the only ones to call – day or night 24/7!

As your local Coquitlam plumbers, we offer over a decade of experience. We are an expert at toilet installation, toilet repair and toilet replacement for homeowners throughout Coquitlam, BC.

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